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Swisspac is a leading manufacturer of stand up pouches, coffee bags, paper bags, plastic bags and many more. The company is successfully serving the industry since 1980. Swisspac also excels in manufacturing stock and custom printed pouches. The company has a global presence in various nations like USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Italy, France, Indonesia and Thailand.

We manufacture packaging materials upto 9 colors and can do customized lamination with different films, foil, paper etc. We are ready to serve you for any type of bags such as quad stand up pouches, flat bottom pouches, block bottom pouches, spouted pouches, zipper bags, printed rolls, side gusset bags, side gusset bags seal on sides, quad sealed bags, pillow pouches, paper bags with window, foil bags etc.We accept a minimum order of 1000 bags and for custom printed bags the minimum order quantity is 15000 bags.

Moreover at some extent, you also seek a company that genuinely wants to create an actual connection with you. We suppose to maintain by offering you eminence packaging for all your packaging needs and that's what is the goal of Swiss Pack UK is, you have got a need and we are here to offer you an effective solution. If you choose to go with a Swisspac, remember that you will be working closely with us to create your packaging solution and that we will be the steward of your brand, so it is important to have complete trust and confidence. We have the experience, expertise, facilities, and commitment to quality and that we are able to meet your timelines.

Get in touch with us today for all your packaging solutions.