Retort Pouches

Retort Pouches
Retort pouches are prepared from multiple layers of plastic and metal foil laminate which are used in the food packaging industry. The demand of retort pouches is pretty high in the market due to its barrier properties, incredible strength and temperature tolerance (1200 C to 1300C). SwissPack U.K. is specialized in manufacturing and exporting the gravure printed retort pouches in two forms one is aluminium laminated foil and other is clear retort pouch. We are employing our years of research and development experience together with the latest retort pouch technology to produce the excellent quality, functional and long lasting retort pouches.
Retort Pouches
SwissPack U.K. has created its reputation as the market leader in retort pouch fabrication for its highly advanced and innovative approach.
The retort pouches manufactured by us are highly recommended in the marketplace for its following attributes:

  • Superb barrier against gases, moisture and environment
  • Keep the food safe, sterile, healthy and tasty for extended period
  • Easy and safe to tear or open or use
  • Disposed easily and environment friendly extended shelf life
  • Attractive appearance
Actually, retort is a method that uses pressure and heat to cook food in a robust and sealed package. The retort packaging is compact and flexible as compared to conventional jars and cans, thus it cooks the food more rapidly and deliver tasty and healthy food product to consumer. Our retort pouch packaging has excellent barrier and printing characteristics, and can be exported as flat, stand up and in roll structures with or without recloseability. In retort manufacturing process, diverse grade films are laminated collectively to offer the high strength, robustness, puncture and burst resistance that allows flexible retort pouches to resist the complex retort making process. We provide closures like fitments, linear tear and press-to-close zipper on our retort pouches.
The most common flexible retort pouch structures consist of the following:

  • PET/ FOIL/ Nylon/CPP
  • PET/Nylon/ FOIL/CPP
  • AlOX/Nylon/CPP or PET-SIOX
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