Shrink Sleeves

Shrink Sleeves
Swisspack is a leading manufacturer and exporter of precisely designed and high quality shrink sleeves. We have the ability to manufacture the shrink sleeve in different shapes like bottle, tin, can or any other containers. These shrink sleeves are designed to deliver all relevant information of the product like usage, product quantity, product ingredient and constitution. Shrink sleeves are extensively used in food packaging, pharmaceutical, soft drink and beverage industries.
Shrink Sleeves
Swisspack is making the use of excellent quality raw material PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride), PET (Poly Ethylene Terephthalate), and OPS (Oriented Poly Styrene) which are obtained from world’s authentic vendors. Actually, the selection of material depends on the diameter of the container for instance if the diameter changes more than 50% than we cannot apply PVC as it does not have shrink capability over 50%, thus we use PET or OPS shrink film. Swisspack can print almost 9 colors of rotogravure printing because these images look more attractive and bright as compared to flexographic printing.
The most common benefits of shrink sleeves are mentioned below:

  • It aids to promote your business and improve your brand image
  • It makes your product packaging more decorative and attractive
  • It grabs the eye-balls of consumer due to appealing images
  • It protects the product from dust and moisture during product storage
  • It provides utmost safety and protection from forging
SwissPack can manufacture and supply the shrink sleeves in single piece form or roll form. We provide the horizontal and vertical puncture feature on our shrink sleeves so that the end user can easily remove the shrink band. Our shrink sleeves are water resistant, heat resistant and scratch proof so it successfully retains the packaging of the container. These shrink sleeves are efficiently and reliably used as sealing to bottle necks and prevent from any leakage.
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