Twist Wrap Chocolate Films

Twist Wrap Chocolate Films
SwissPack is market leader in manufacturing, supplying and exporting high quality and FDA approved twist warp chocolate films which are widely used in the packaging candies, toffees, chocolates, lollipops, chewing gums and bakery items. We are using the best raw materials like CPP, BOPP, PVC, paper, cellophane, and any type of metalized films etc. for the fabrication of twist wrap chocolate films.
At SwissPack, we are producing clear transparent, tinted, matt finish, metalized foil color, stripes, and paper look twist warp chocolate films. We are employing high definition rotogravure printing technology to produce upto9 colors printed 15 micron thick BOPP film laminated with 10 grams paper and non stick coating which is food approved.
We are engaged in manufacturing unique and excellent quality twist wrap chocolate films since our commencement. SwissPack is using the advanced and cutting edge gravure and flexographic printing technology to offer the vibrant effects in twist wrap chocolate films. These films are greatly appreciated in confectionary industry where PVC twist wrap films and metalized polyester twist wrap are preferred. We are backed by our expert team who perform the continuous R&D, and make the best use of PVC films to fulfill consumer needs. PVC Twist wrap film is available in many grades that are suitable for various types of twist wrap machines.
Some properties of our twist warp chocolate films are mentioned below:

  • Superb quality raw material which is food grade and non toxic
  • Excellent barrier against moisture, heat and environment
  • Attractive designs with glossy, transparent look and rigid structure
  • Suitable for high speed packaging machines
  • Available in customized designs like logo design and brand name
  • High tensile strength, excellent stiffness and amazing twist retention
  • Eco-friendly and easily disposed
  • Easily available at economical prices